Running a restaurant? Know someone who does?

March 17, 2017

Then the question you should be asking is: 

Does your POS system integrate to your restaurant booking software?

Integration, it's the word on everyone's lips right now, and rightfully so. Integration may sound vague, but in the case of booking software it's quite cut and dry. 
If a booking is entered to your reservation system, does your POS system know
That's the essence of integration. It is whether your two systems talk to each other and communicate, and having the ability to integrate seamlessly is the sign of a quality product. If you are paying anything more than $130 a month on your booking system and it does not talk to your POS, reconsider and ask yourself whether this is truly value for money.
Integration cuts down your time when it comes to entering bookings, and is imperative to achieving complete transparency throughout your venue. It also turns every single one of your POS machines into a booking station - there's no need to search for the laptop, or write a booking down on paper. Having several bookings books may be a nightmare in any other circumstance, but with integration you'll have no double bookings (unless you want to of course!).
If you'd like to read more information on what integration has to offer this article on the Restaurant and Catering Association website will explain several benefits to integrated software. 
BooKBooK fully integrates with H&L Australia. While this may seem like a small aspect to choosing an electronic booking software, it's is an integral aspect to your business thriving and driving diners back through your door.
Read more on our website or contact us on enquiries@bookbookonline.com.au if you'd like to learn more about our integrated online booking software

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