Instagram highlights the importance of online bookings

March 27, 2017

Instagram is proving that having your social media accounts connected to your bookings is more important than ever. They have announced that they will be introducing a booking function for hairdressers and local businesses. Having a large and directed Instagram following will soon no longer be just a number, and you'd better get ahead because soon consumers are going to be desperate to book online.

BooKBooK already allows you to place a link in your bio to book, and it's never been more important to have a flourishing online presence. Consumers will have a true drive to book through social media, use a software that is built for you and your industry. Take it that next step and be fully integrated with H&L, have that booking show up on every POS in your venue. Around 80% of all Instagram users will follow at least one business, and booking online turns a follower into revenue at the click of a button. 

Make sure you are ahead of the crowd. While the Instagram feature is still several months away, having online bookings accessible on your social media ASAP is imperative. And with a true table management application behind it you will be able to ensure you can account for every booking, and that it will be housed correctly on your floorplan.

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