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BooKBooK 2.0 is here!

March 15, 2017

BooKBooK 2.0 is finally here. But what does that mean for you and your venue? Check out the latest and greatest features that are now part of the BooKBooK suite!

BooKBooK Desktop

Booking Forms
·         Redesigned the Booking and Walk-in Forms
·         New Dietary requirements display
Changes to Waitlist and new “On Queue”
·         Now called “Standby”
·         Customers can now go “On Queue” at the venue or via a widget
·         Create a pre-defined capacity for “On Queue” then warn when capacity is reached
·         Disable the “On Queue” widget during service for a specified period
SMS and Email Notifications
·         Configure SMS and Email notification templates by booking type
·         New Reply Handler for SMS notifications and custom responses based on the reply from the customer
·         SMS replies trigger specific booking actions e.g. cancel or confirm bookings
·         Send custom SMS messages from the booking
·         View conversation thread

BooKBooK Widget

Widget configuration application
·         Widgets now configured in a separate desktop application rather than via the BooKBooK Desktop Settings menu
Create multiple widgets
·         Default widget – standard booking widget for everyday bookings
·         On Queue widget – customer can put themselves on the queue
·         Event Widgets – create custom widgets for specific events
·         Enable pre-order and pre-payment via the widget so customers can order ahead
·         Allow pre-order and pre-payment from the regular menu
·         Allow pre-payment for specific events
·         Allow pre-order from a selected menu for specific events
·         Pre-orders and payments can be viewed from desktop and via Exceed
·         Orders and payments applied to the table account when seated
Offline booking requests
·         Bookings taken in offline mode now attempt to reach the venue for 15 minutes then a contact email is sent to the venue for follow up
Widget User Improvement
·         Improved user experience for changing months

BooKBooK Exceed

New tabs in the Bookings menu page
·         Waitlist tab replaced with “Standby” and new “On Queue” tab
·         View Pre-Order details from the booking
·         Send SMS and Email notifications from the booking e.g. confirmations
·         Send Custom SMS e.g. follow up if customer is late, are they still coming?
·         View conversation thread – see all correspondence with customer about the booking

Contact us at enquiries@bookbookonline.com.au for more details, or give us a call on 1800 778 340 for more information

As always if you'd like to learn more about BooKBooK, please check out our website to learn more

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