Want better customer satisfaction? Here’s how!

May 30, 2017

What if you could put notes against your customers to know vital information about them? What if you could take bookings while you sleep? What if you could interact with customers in the most efficient way? What if all of this is possible with ONE booking system? Dreaming… absolutely not! Here is how BooKBooK can continuously help improve customer satisfaction in your venue through all of the above.

Put permanent notes against your customers
Let’s say that a new customer comes in for a meal and advises your staff that they are allergic to shellfish. Your staff can add notes to your customers profile so that next time they book you are aware of the allergy and can accommodate without them having to continually remind you. With the notes section, you can also enter in customer anniversaries and their favourite bottle of wine so you can offer it to them when they sit down, or give them options for similar wines to try if they want something different. This will not only make your staff look extremely knowledgeable, but will give a personal touch which will make your customers want to come back all the time.

Take bookings 24/7
Another exceptional feature of BooKBooK is that unlike your staff, it can take bookings 24/7. If a potential customer remembers at midnight that tomorrow is their anniversary and they have forgotten to make a booking, anyone can go onto your website and book then and there without having to wait until the morning when a staff member clocks on. Even if people are making bookings from an overseas destination because they are coming to Australia for a holiday, they don’t have to worry about the time difference, they can just get online and book straight away. It saves you money too because you don’t have to hire someone 24/7 or miss out on potential bookings!

Use the text messaging feature to interact with your customers
To save your customers forgetting their booking, BooKBooK will send out automated notifications to ensure that there is complete transparency and additionally no mistakes are made.
Unlike any other booking system, you can also truly interact with you customers via text messages on your POS to ensure that you don’t miss any messages. This simple feature of BooKBooK will improve your customer satisfaction enormously and has the potential to increase your customer base through word of mouth from your impressed customers.

These are just some ways BooKBooK can be your irreplaceable staff member while improving your customers satisfaction and keep them coming! If you’re not using BooKBooK already and want to know more information the system, how it works and come in to trial it, just email enquiries@bookbookonline.com.au or visit our website www.bookbookonline.com.au and we will organise a time that fits your busy schedule.

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