5 Tips For Restaurants In 2017

February 08, 2017

1. Get online

Gone are the days where if you have a front door to your restaurant, and that’s the only door you need. Now your website is your front door, and its spot on Google is the sandwich board out the front. Your website is a low cost, permanent advertising channel driving people through the door. 37% of people go to the internet to find their dining destination, meaning over a third of diners won’t know you even exist.

2. Speaking of websites...

Make sure it’s mobile friendly! Almost half of searches come from a mobile device, so make sure that when they’re searching, they can easily view your site.

3. Online bookings

These days with instant notifications available all the time, this has spilled over into booking confirmations. 24/7 customers not only want the ability to book, but they want to know you have that booking. A restaurant booking app like BooKBooK may even recommend an alternative time when one is unavailable. An phone number and email address is no longer enough - you need to be able to confirm that booking at all hours of the day. Because if not, those customers are going to find somewhere that does.

4. Ditch the diary

And the pen... and the scribbled floorplan. Don’t double or triple handle your information, rewrite your running sheet, or lose any bookings. It will never be an issue again. For your walk ins? Some restaurant booking systems will allow you to see how many customers you have in your restaurant at a glance. You need to know exactly how many diners are in your restaurant at all times from every POS, so lose that book (and on purpose this time).  

5. Deposits, deposits, deposits

No show? No problem. With a deposit you can increase the likelihood of your customer turning up. This way even if they don’t, you are at least covering your costs before you fill that seat. Combining this with your online booking system means you can seamlessly integrate into your POS with PayPal so that there’s no fluffing around accepting (or losing) that deposit either.

For more information about BooKBooK our electronic bookings system, check out our website www.bookbookonline.com.au - or give us a call on 1800 778 340

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